Things have changed.

Well... I now have two kids added a boy back in 2012, he's pretty awesome. I also officially have been a L&D RN for 6 years now. Got a divorce thus leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. I bought my own house, made nice with my ex and am attempting to get my own business going. Did I mention I am 44 years old now. I know kinda ridiculous, some old hag thinking others actually care about what she has to say.

 Right now I am trying to sort out money issues and figure out how to get confidence to put my self out there on social media, thus the resurrection of this blog. NO ONE FOLLOWS IT. I can safely say whatever I want and get used to putting stuff out there and hopefully hone my writing skills. Working on changing my views of money and doing that old manifestation thing.

1. I am beautiful
2. I am strong
3. I am smart
4. I follow through on great ideas
5. Money comes to me with ease


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