Summer time

So summer is almost upon us. I have somehow successfully completed my first year of nursing school. While I am completely stoked about that accomplishment, my lack of ability to find a summer job has put a lot of stress on my family.
How I wish that this summer break involved a nice visit to the beach or at least an opportunity to visit and catch up with out of town family.
In trying to maintain the theme of this blog I am determined to find my happiness in this trying time. The bill collectors may be calling, but I am too busy enjoying a good run and the smile of my beautiful toddler to notice.
A long the same lines I am trying to reach daily goals so that I feel like I am at least moving forward and living my life not waiting around for life to happen.
I love love love inspiring stories and hope that out of this my own inspiring story will develop in the meantime I will soak up those of the people around me. If I find a good one I will be sure to pass it along. This is when I wish I had an audience so I could ask everyone for their favorite inspiring story. :)


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