Update on Kylie

Here is a copy of the letter they are sending home with the parents...
Dear Parents, staff and friends,
As most of you parents know, Ms. Kendra (our "infant 2" classroom teacher) had her baby about 2 months ago. Her baby girl was born with some problems and stayed in Grady Hospital for approximately 45 days and after was lifted by a helicopter to Egleston Children's Hospital, where she is until now. The doctors from Grady and now from Egleston told the family that she will not survive and that Ms. Kendra must do the funeral arrangements for her baby. It is a very sad situation but Ms. Kendra is accepting it with resignation and faith and she feels that her daughter is one more angel to be with God and that her baby will rest in peace.
The expense that Ms. Kendra will have with her daughter's funeral is $1,100.00 (already deducting the help given by the government).
I would like to ask for your help with a donation in any amount in order to help Ms. Kendra.
No amount is too small, anything will help. Your donations will be confidential and any amount will be highly appreciated. You can donate through paypal online or send a check made out to Kendra Jones. (If you would like to send a check message me and I will give you the address.)
Thank you for your generosity and may God bless all.
Thank you,
Ms. Sue


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