Donations for Kylie's Family

Family and friends, I need your help.

A friend of mine that works at Emerson’s daycare gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she named Kylie in October this year. Unfortunately Kylie was born very sick and has been in the NICU since her birth. Her Mother has been so strong, but her strength is not enough to keep Kylie with her. The Doctors do not expect her to make it past the first of the year. It breaks my heart, I cannot even imagine the pain her family must be going through.

I just want her family to know that Kylie touched someone’s life, and she has touched mine. So if you have an extra Christmas card or maybe a story to share to let Kylie’s Mom and family (she has two big sisters) know that they are not a lone and that sometimes God works in strange ways could you send it my way so Emerson and I can give them to her family? It would mean the world to me. Please forward this on to all that you think would participate. Thank you.

There is also a donate button that should take you to a paypal account if you would like to donate money to help with Kylie's expenses.


  1. Thanks to those who have contributed. I am going to deliver what I have to Kylie's Mom on the 10th of Jan. Unfortunately, I only received one card and one donation. I hope that means that most everyone took a moment to say a prayer for her family. Thanks again.


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